Recruitment Process

Recruitment Process

​Next Fitness Testing Date

The following describes the application and examination process for the position of peace officer with the City of Hiram.  Applications are only available and accepted during open hiring dates.

Physical Fitness Test
Candidates interested in employment must successfully pass a physical fitness evaluation.  Please see minimum physical fitness requirements and ensure you have the following documents on the test date:

  • A valid state issued identification
  • A completed Physical Fitness Release (See Physical Fitness Standards)
  • Pre-Screening Questionnaire (See Physical Fitness Standards)
  • Testing number
Upon completion, candidates will be given an application and background book.
Submit Application
Applications must be completed and turned into the Hiram Police Department within seven working days of receipt. 
COMPASS Test (Uncertified)
Applicants are required to have COMPASS exam scores when requested by the hiring officer. GA P.O.S.T. requires you to have a minimum reading score of 70 and a minimum writing score of 32. You will be required to get these scores on your own. SAT, ACT, ASSET and CPE are acceptable substitutions for the COMPASS..
Background Check
The candidate's application, background book, criminal history, credit history, driver history, work/ school history and references will be reviewed and the applicants will be ranked by Police Department staff.
Oral Interview
This is a panel interview with five police officers of various ranks. The candidates are either recommended or not recommended for further consideration. Interview times for the Oral Board will be set up by Police Department staff and is based upon the availability of board members. Business attire is mandatory for the oral board interview.
Conditional Offer of Employment
If successful through the above steps and a vacancy exists, the candidate will be made an offer of employment conditional upon successful completion of the following steps.
This is to verify information that the candidate has provided and to confirm compliance with police officer standards. Candidates are asked about their employment history, illegal drug use history, criminal history, driver's license record and military history.
Psychological Evaluation
Written portions of psychological testing are administered by a licensed psychologist at their office. This part of the evaluation takes approximately 4-5 hours. The psychologist will review results of written tests and interview candidate. This interview should take approximately 1 hour.
Physical & Drug Screen
Successful candidates to this point will be scheduled for a physical and drug screen.
Interview With Chief
Personal interview with recommended candidates. Chief Vande Zande ranks candidates after interviews.
Candidates are then employed, issued rules and regulations, department policy and procedures manuals. A police academy attendance date is scheduled. After graduation from the academy (10 weeks), officer is fitted for uniforms, assigned to the field training program. Officer is evaluated and tested by each assigned FTO (Field Training Officer). After granted "solo" status, the officer is assigned a shift.

The next testing date will be September 29, 2017 at 9:00 AM. 

Prior to obtaining an application, interested candidates must successfully complete a pre-employment physical fitness test.   Please refer to the Hiring Section of the Hiram Police Department webpage for more information concerning the battery of tests as well as documents you are required to present on the day of testing.